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Learn about me, my stylist Alana Agerbo, my studio in South Surrey, my photography style and my passionate support for organizations like BeaYOUtiful.
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passionate about showing women their true beauty

MY NAME IS JENNIFER ALLANSON FINDLAY, and I’m passionate about using my camera to catch the sparkle in a woman’s eyes. It tells me about her true essence and beauty, from the inside out.  I’m convinced that art is in my DNA.  At the age of six, I was painting rocks and drawing the shoes I dreamed of wearing (I’m still crazy about shoes).  As a teenager, I fell in love with macramé and sketching people. When my children started school, I started painting and studied graphic design at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

PASSIONATELY SHOWING WOMEN THEIR OWN BEAUTY. I photograph grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and best friends, and I get a thrill every time I show them their portraits for the first time. I watch for that moment when they realize just how beautiful they really are. It’s about giving them an incredibly special experience and sending them home with portraits that will be cherished for generations.

NOTHING THRILLS ME MORE THAN MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH MY CAMERA. The art of photographing people is purely magical. Every time I pick up my camera, I get to create a priceless memory for my clients, and they truly appreciate how precious they are. It’s about giving them an incredibly fulfilling experience and portraits that will be cherished for generations.


brilliantly enhancing women’s beauty

MY NAME IS ALANA AGERBO and I get the amazing job of hi-lighting your unique features and amplifying your personal beauty.  You see, I know you’re gorgeous.  And I believe you deserve to not only know it, but to see it too.

I KNEW I HAD A PASSION FOR MAKEUP AT A YOUNG AGE.  As a teen , I’d sacrifice sleep, getting up at the crack of dawn,  to play around with different looks and styles.  And when the time came to choose a career, I enrolled in a school specializing in Makeup and Aesthetics.

BEING ABLE TO TRANSFORM SOMEONE IS TRULY A TREAT.  Watching them look in the mirror, or see their portraits after a makeover, is a gift.  That moment, when they realize their potential, is rewarding for both of us.  I’d say I love my work, but it’s not really work, is it?  After all, love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.  Lucky me!


comfort, glamour and function

SUGARDROPS PHOTOGRAPHY HAS TWO STUDIO LOCATIONS, in South Surrey BC, and Issaquah, Washington. Each studio is designed for my clients. They are beautiful, comfortable spaces that provide unmatched professional results for each photoshoot.

EVERY ASPECT OF THE SPACE HAS AN IMPORTANT ROLE TO PLAY in the creation of your special day and the gorgeous portraits you’ll take back home.  The photography set has natural and studio lighting for creating gorgeous portraits. The makeover and refreshment room is the perfect place to relax and be pampered. We’ll talk about your wardrobe here and you can view my other clients’ featured portraits for your own inspiration.

YOUR EXPERIENCE AT SUGARDROPS COMES COMPLETE WITH laughter, refreshments and amazing portraits that you’ll fall in love with.


Tools & Techniques

MY PORTRAITS ARE UNIQUE BECAUSE I AM A SEEKER OF LIGHT AND EXPRESSIONS.  Unless it’s one of those blah grey days in the Pacific Northwest, I don’t normally use studio lighting.  I prefer to use as much natural light as possible, because it creates a gorgeous effect in my photos. But don’t worry, I am fully equipped with studio lights that almost perfectly mimic natural lighting. I also look for just the right expression on my clients’ faces when I’m taking the shot. It’s always there, it’s just a matter of waiting for it.

AS A CONTEMPORARY GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHER, I photograph women of all ages in a fashion magazine style.  I love posing women so they look amazing in their pictures. It’s thrilling when people ask, “Is that really me?!”  It means I’ve captured that special version of them they didn’t even know existed!  It’s so much fun. If you prefer a more casual, relaxed style, I love photographing that style too. Most of my clients ask for a combination of both, so we begin with casual shots and build toward more glamour.

I CHOOSE LENSES THE WAY A PAINTER CHOOSES BRUSHES.  My large assortment of camera lenses enables me to showcase high resolution photography and achieve great depth and clarity in the images I create.


Forever BeaYOUtiful

THE CORE OF THE BEAYOUTIFUL PROGRAM IS TO ENCOURAGE YOUNG GIRLS to feel beautiful inside and out by instilling confidence through mentorship and education.  By doing this they hope to build a generation of inspirational women that are prepared to fearlessly follow their dreams and goals.

THEY OFFER YOUNG WOMEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN AN INSPIRATIONAL 6 WEEK PROGRAM where mentors teach classes focused on discovering inner beauty, learning to live a healthy lifestyle, setting goals and embracing the future with confidence.  The BeaYOUtiful mentors, aspirational young leaders themselves, guide the classes through a series of structured activities, guest speakers and open floor discussions. BeaYOUtiful does not look to build upon the relationship of a councillor, teach or advisor for these young women, instead we aim to build an endless sister-based friendship.

SUGARDROPS PHOTOGRAPHY IS A PROUD SUPPORTER OF THIS AMAZING ORGANIZATION.  From one woman to another, I understand the challenges that most of us face at some point in our lives and just how hard it can be to win the battle with ourselves.  Much like BeaYOUtiful, I created SugarDrops to show women how beautiful they are inside and out, and I’m proud to give them my support.  Check out their website.


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